Grilled Meats and Treats is a popular hotdog/food stand that was founded by owner and operator, Bruce “Bilal” Hill, in Richmond, VA in 2006. Bilal Hill is a native New Yorker, born in Long Island, NY. He moved to Virginia in 1992 where he attended and graduated from Virginia State University with a Masters Degree in Sociology. While working as a case manager and substitute teacher at a private school, he began the process of starting a business. Bilal went on to open a gift-and-novelty store in Downtown Richmond. During this time, an opportunity came to purchase a hotdog cart; even though, Bilal knew nothing of how to cook nor peel a single onion! Bilal soon gave his job to a college friend, got the “food bug”, and Grilled Meats and Treats was born! GMT (or Grilled Meats and Treats) is now a fleet of food and Italian Ice carts, can be found daily at the corner of 1st and Broad in Downtown Richmond, and with services available for festivals, private parties, and catering.


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